Piano Workshop Studio Policies and Tuition Information

Our Fall 2019 semester will run from Tuesday September 3rd, to Friday January 24th, 2020,  and our Winter/Spring semester will run from Saturday Jan 25th, 2019 to Saturday June 20th, 2019.

During the academic school year our rates are tuition based.

•  You will be billed for just 19 of the 21 weeks for each semester which allows for vacations and/or 2 cancellations

•   Payment options are below.

•   A late fee of $25 will be charged for payments made after the 10th of the month.  

•   For students starting lessons mid-semester, tuition will be pro-rated and they will be invoiced monthly until the next semester.

Tuition payments: can be paid up front for the 19 week semester, or in 5 installments (monthly). Payments can be made by check. (due on or before the 10th of each month), or credit card. For credit card payments you must enter your credit card information. If you have a billing question, please contact Mark directly with any questions (teachers are not in a position to answer any billing related questions).

30 Minute Lesson:    Full Semester -   $779.00       Or         5 Installments - 165.30

45 Minute Lesson:    Full Semester - $1,159.00   Or       5 Installments - 241.30

60 Minute Lesson:    Full Semester - $1,539.00   Or       5 Installments - 317.30        **(you may use this option if you have two siblings taking a half hour each) 

*For In Home Lessons tuition rates are $5.00 additional per lesson.

**First month tuition and fees must be paid prior to your first scheduled lesson date of the semester

Policies and Payments

Registration Fee: There is a registration fee of $40 per student per semester. Or $60 if you enroll for the full year. Registration fees cover the following:

• Maintenance of pianos and keyboards

• Music shipping costs

• Teacher education

Training and orientation

Studio expenses

Certification fees

Administrative paperwork, scheduling time for each student, trips to the music store.......you get the idea. 

Registration fees are non-refundable

Please note: If you started your lessons in late fall of 2016, or late spring of 2017 the registration fee and music fees may have been waived but will apply for our 2017/2018 semesters.

Music Fee:

There is a $50 dollar music fee billed at the beginning of each year. This applies to piano students age eight and older and is waived for our younger students, guitar students and adult students. Fee will also be waived on your invoice if you spent less than $25 of last year's fee.

The average student spends between $35 and $80 dollars on music per year. If there are siblings of the same age and level taking lessons, there will be only one music fee charged. However, if the siblings are not at the same age or level, then the music fee will be $75. Credits for unused music fees for last winter and spring will be issued on your October invoice. Music provided for adults or pre-schoolers will be added to your monthly invoice.

Things you should know:

Student Drop-off and Pick-up:

If a parent or guardian cannot wait with a student during a lesson, the student should be dropped off no earlier than five minutes before the scheduled lesson time and picked up no later than five minutes after the lesson ends. Please make sure their teacher is at the studio before you leave.  If a student must be dropped off early or picked up late or if you are running late unexpectedly, please contact the teacher directly to ensure someone will be at the studio to wait with your child.  The studio is only open for scheduled lessons and does not keep specific hours.  For your child's safety and your own convenience, please do not assume the doors will be open and someone will be available to wait with your child more than five minutes before and after their scheduled lesson time. 

Cancellation of Enrollment:

If a student needs to discontinue enrollment in a semester due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances, the studio will retain a pro-rated portion of the tuition for two weeks following the date of discontinuance.

Semester cancellations must be made two weeks in advance, and a full month tuition will be charged if you cancel tuition mid-month.

New Students Enrolled Mid-Semester:

If a new student enrolls after a semester has begun, they may take a partial term of lessons with a pro-rated tuition.

Inclement Weather: 

If lessons are missed due to snow or inclement weather, a make-up lesson or class will be scheduled with the teacher.  Often schools are closed in the morning, but the roads are clear and safe by afternoon. In these cases lessons will continue as scheduled. Please call the studio or your teacher directly if there is any doubt or question about the weather.

Teacher Cancellations:

In the event a teacher has to be absent due to a professional or personal commitment, a make-up lesson will be scheduled with the teacher. If a make-up is impossible, then we will issue a credit at the end of the semester for the missed lesson. In the event of an absence due to sudden illness or other teacher emergency, a substitute teacher may teach your lesson. You may not be notified about this in advance.

By registering, I release any and all rights and claims for damages against the Piano Workshop at Chester and its Staff in the unlikely event of injury sustained by myself or my child(ren) during the course of or as a result of this musical activity.

Liability and Release:

I release any and all rights and claims for damages against the Piano Workshop at Chester and its Staff in the unlikely event of injury sustained by myself or my child(ren) during the course of or as a result of this musical activity.

Photos and videos may be taken from time to time and/or at recitals which may be used for promotional purposes including brochures, website and social media.

Credit Card Authorization:

If I elect credit card payments, I authorize the Piano Workshop at Chester to charge by credit card for any tuition charges and fees due for the 2019/2020 semesters.