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The Piano Workshop at Chester offers private one-on-one lessons in piano, guitar, voice, violin, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone and instruction in pro-tools and logic software. Our Chester studio offers a wonderful environment, optimum teaching conditions, perfect acoustics and high quality pianos.Every instructor at our studio has a degree in music education, performance or pedagogy and has an extensive resume of professional performances and experience.

Our teachers work with students at all age levels. We have programs which encompass early childhood music development, elementary, middle and high school students, graduate school performance candidates and even retired (and not yet retired) adults.

“Every one of our teachers has a vested interest in your (or your child’s) music education. We match new students to specific teachers based on goals, learning styles and previous experience level, and take pride in the fact that we all work hard to stay on the cutting edge of the newest teaching repertoire, technology and pedagogical skills.”

Please take a moment to read the Studio Policy and feel free to email us about our current tuition rates. Please Contact Us to get in touch with us for further information


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We take pride in matching students with teachers based on compatibility and interests.

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My son Alex’s interest in music was spurred on by Mark’s enthusiasm and style of teaching. The Music Workshop conducts annual performances for parents and friends so we can see the progress our children have made. My son is now in college and still studies with Mark on breaks and in the summer. Alex belongs to The Jazz Band at Loyola University as well as his own band. He has played professionally for cocktail hours and theater productions. Mark has inspired Alex to continue his music into his adulthood. Mark Weisman is an exemplary teacher and person.
— Carole F.


About Mark

I started the Piano Workshop at Chester to give students a fun, creative learning experience that they would actually look forward to each week.

When I was twelve, I convinced my parents to let me quit taking piano lessons! It wasn’t until I was in college, majoring in music - but not the piano - that I actually fell back in love with the instrument.  When I finally did, it was because I found a teacher that understood not only my learning style, but also how to teach me what I really wanted to learn.  That was something that none of my childhood instructors had a clue how to teach. Now, thirty years later I am using his philosophies as well as those of six or seven other mentors of mine who are some of the best known musicians in the industry.